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Posting your job openings on is a fast and easy way to promote the opportunity among talented job seekers throughout Central Oregon. We’ll help you find the right candidate who can start working, ASAP!

What you get when you post on

  • Time – It takes less than 5-minutes to post a job on our easy-to-use site. Once posted, your job is live for 30-days or until you remove it (whatever comes first.)
  • Flexibility – You have 24/7 access to edit or remove your job posting via our Online Employer Accounts
  • Focus – We target our marketing efforts on promoting jobs to candidates in Bend and throughout Central Oregon–qualified local job seekers who are ready to get started ASAP.
  • Reach – We’re fully integrated with GoogleJobs, so your job posting gets included in search-engine results. We also share your job with our local partner network.
  • Control – You have full control over the application process. Unlike other job boards, we don’t get between you and the candidates by forcing people to apply through our site. When you post a job, you denote how candidate’s should apply–either through your own website, through your ATS, or directly by email.

How to get started

Posting a job on our site is easy and generally takes less than five minutes.


Once your job is live, you can access, edit, or remove the post anytime, with our easy-to-use Employer Accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to post a job?

We charge a flat fee of $29.95 per post for a 30-day run on our site.

For comparison…

  • We’re on-par with Craigslist and you don’t have to deal with all the spammy response emails
  • We’re WAY cheaper than the average Indeed job post and we’re not going to call you five times a week to try to upsell you.
  • We’re even more cheaper than the average LinkedIn job post and we actually work.

Outside of the per-post cost, there are no contracts, or obligations. No subscriptions you have to remember to cancel. And you don’t need to keep a credit card on file.

So, c’mon! Try us out and see how we work.

What do I get for $29.95?

You get:

  • a 30 day run on
  • Promotion of your job on our Facebook and Twitter channels.
  • Quality assurance review from an actual human being
  • Automatic cross-posting of your job on GoogleJobs and our local partner network
  • 24/7 access to modify/edit/delete your job post or to access expired postings.

What are featured jobs?

Want to turbo charge your job post? Upgrade to a Featured Job for $59.95 and get extra features to amplify the audience for your listing.

This includes:

  • Promotion of your job on for 30-days or until you cancel the post–whatever comes first
  • Promotion of your job on our Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) channels
  • Automatic cross-posting of your job on GoogleJobs and our local partner network
  • 24/7 access to modify/edit/delete your job post or to access expired postings


  • Paid job post promotion on Facebook (50% of your purchase price goes to paid promotion)
  • Your job pinned to the top of our job list, ensuring more people see your listing
  • Inclusion in our weekly “New Jobs in Bend” newsletter  for the duration of your run–at least 4 total newsletters.

Is guaranteed to find me a qualified employee?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that.

There are countless factors that determine whether qualified candidates apply for your job posting: labor market conditions, competitiveness of salary, company reputation, and candidate experience, just to name a few. can’t control for all these variables—no job board can!—so we can’t 100% assure you that posting with us will lead to a hire.

We guarantee what we can control. We’ll make your job posting as attractive, clear, and appealing as possible, to put you in a position to attract the right candidates and (hopefully) hiring the right person.

What is your refund policy?

Per the discussion above, we do not offer refunds on purchases made on All sales are final.

I need help and have questions. Who should I contact?

It depends on the help you need. We can’t help you make dinner or house-train your puppy. (Sorry!)

But for anything related to please email We make every effort to respond to email within one business day.