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Branch Driver

This position delivers products to customers from Platt branch locations. It is responsible for ensuring that deliveries are prepared to meet customer requirements in the most efficient manner.

Specimen Collector

The Specimen Collector / Redmond, OR is responsible for collecting biological specimens at client sites for the purpose of conducting scientific testing.

Transportation Security Officer

Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) provide security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircraft in a courteous and professional manner.

Driver Helper

As a Driver Helper you will not drive the delivery vehicle but assist the driver in the delivery of packages.

School Bus Monitor

Bus Monitors assist the driver with loading, unloading and student management on the school bus.

Fuel Clerk

Assist customers and manage cash register. Maintain neatness and cleanliness of the fuel center.

Traffic Operations Specialist

In this position, you will support our Region 4 Traffic Section on design, investigations, analysis and planning.

Delivery Driver

A Delivery Driver is responsible for transporting a range of our products including but not limited to soft drinks, energy drinks, water, juices, coffee and Craft Beer to multiple locations.

Personal Vehicle Driver

 As a Personal Vehicle Driver, you’ll enjoy a fast-paced, physical position that gets you outdoors and connecting with customers. From the driver’s seat of your own car, find out what you’ll become at UPS.

Delivery Driver Technician

At Bellevue Healthcare, our goal is to impact the lives we come across and take care of our community, one delivery at a time.